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Toshimitsu Kubo


Character Information
Name (Kanji) 久保 利光
Name (Romaji) Kubo Toshimitsu
Gender Male
Class Rank 2-A
Family Yoshimitsu Kubo (Younger brother)
Seiyū Takuma Terashima
Voice Actor Joel McDonald
Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 2

Toshimitsu Kubo (久保 利光 Kubo Toshimitsu) is a supporting character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. He is a student in Class 2-A in Fumizuki Academy, and is considered Number Two in his Year (though if Mizuki Himeji was in Class 2-A, he would rank third). He first appeared in episode 2 when fighting Himeji in an Exam Summoning Battle.


He lives in a relatively tight and structured schedule, which is reflected in his high grades.


Kubo is usually calm and collected, but can become overly nervous and jittery when "exposed" to certain "stimulants" (i.e Akihisa). He easily misinterprets situations, and because of this, he thinks that Akihisa Yoshii is homosexual and was trying to hit on him. He ends up having a crush on Akihisa and will stop at virtually nothing to assist Akihisa and "improve their relationship".

When it comes to Akihisa, he can be just as crazy as Himeji and Minami when Akihisa is implied to be involved with other women or men.

Summoned BeastEdit

His Shōkanjū wears medieval-age armor and wields dual scythes.


  • As his grade is second only to Shouko (and by extension, Mizuki), this makes him the first male student with the highest grade in his year.
  • Kubo appears in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ja as a side character who often comes into Class F with Shouko Kirishima unannounced, much to Yuji's annoyance.


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