Smashing in
Rivals, Love Poems, and Blitzkrieg



Shukuteki to Koibumi to Dengeki Sakusen

Air Date

March 17, 2010


1 - 11

Opening Song

Perfect-Area Complete!

Ending Song

Baka Go Home

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Mock Exam and Phantom Thief and Love Letter
Love and Courage and Our Battle Has Just Begun! (Temporary)
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Yuuji vowed to challenge D and B class for his secret plan to face Class 2A.


Class F begins to strike by fighting Class D, only to win and is pitted against Class B. Nemoto, the Class B's representative, resorts to sneaky underhanded tactics to try to win, by demoralizing Class F through trashing their room and affect Mizuki by tearing open her love letter. Akihisa, now enraged, attempts a stunt that could change the outcome of the war between Classes B and F through his being.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


  • While this is the second time for F class to declare the war, in the novel is the first after facing E Class.
  • In novel, Akihisa destroyed the wall by using Minami as bait for mock battle.
  • In Anime, While Akihisa is destroying the wall, a girl from class C with the same hairstyle and ribbons to Hatsune Miku is seen near Nemoto.


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