Ritsuko Iwashita
Anime | Shoukanjuu
Kanji 岩下 律子
Romaji Iwashita Ritsuko
Character Information
Gender Female
Blood Type N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Light Purple
Status Alive
Family N/A
Class Rank Class 2-B
Suit Bunny eared
Equipment Giant Hammer
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Matsuri OVA Episode 1
Manga Debut Volume 2
Seiyuu Mana Hirata
Voice Actor Sarah Sullivan
Ritsuko Iwashita/Relationships
Ritsuko Iwashita/Image Gallery

Ritsuko Iwashita (岩下 律子 Iwashita Ritsuko) is a minor, recurring character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. She is a student in Class 2-B at Fumizuki Academy and is good friends with Mayumi Kikuiri.


Light NovelsEdit

In her debut appearance in Volume 1, she seems strong at Mathematics, but Mizuki Himeji defeats her through the use of a special bracelet she acquired thanks to her own high score.

In Volume 2, she and Mayumi fight Akihisa Yoshii and Yuuji Sakamoto under Mathematics in the first round of the Summoned Being Tournament, and despite having a 116-point lead on Akihisa, she loses due to his better control with his Being and his teamwork with Yuuji.


She makes a brief appearance in Episode 1 of the Matsuri OVA, helping out her classmates with preparing for the school festival.

Her and Mayumi's fight against Akihisa and Yuuji is adapted in Episode 2 of the Matsuri OVA, but their match stemmed from Shunpei Natsukawa and Yuusaku Tsunemura's intervention.

Summoned BeingEdit

Her Summoned Being differs the most amongst the series' media. In the manga adaptation, it wears a black ninja uniform and wields a katana. In the anime adaptation, it wears Western-style armor and wields a sword. In Episode 2 of the Matsuri OVA, it has bunny ears, wears normal girls' clothing, and wields a giant hammer.


v · t · e Class 2-B
Homeroom Teacher N/A
Class Representative Kyouji Nemoto
Class Ambassador N/A
Known Members Chounan NonakaIchiyuuko KanedaJirou SuzukiRitsuko IwashitaMayumi KikuiriKyouji NemotoMayuko SatoiShinji KudouTakayuki YoshinoTakuo YoshidaYuka Sanada

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