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Mizuki Himeji


Character Information
Name (Kanji) 姫路 瑞希
Name (Romaji) Himeji Mizuki
Date of Birth December 21 1995
Age 16-17
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Class Rank 2-F
Family Mizuho Himeji (Mother)
Seiyū Hitomi Harada
Voice Actor Alexis Tipton
Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Mizuki Himeji (姫路 瑞希, Himeji Mizuki) is a main character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. She is a second-year school student in Fumizuki Academy. She is in the same class along with Akihisa and friends, but actually she is ranked 2nd from the whole school in academics.


Himeji's icon

A gentle and well-behaved bishoujo. Though she is weak in health, body development is very shapely, with an F-class bust size. She came to Class F because she exited the room midway during the class division examinations - resulting in a zero score. She was Akihisa's first love since long ago when they were in elementary school. According to her love letter revealed in the light novels she has had similiar feelings for Aki since elementary but did not realize it was love until the summoning exams.

She tried several times to confess to Akihisa, but due to unfortunate circumstances she did not succeed. When she is drunk however, or her emotions are stirred, her actions can cross the line.

Because of her innocent character, she believes in others' words too easily. She also does not have any love experience; and although she knows Akihisa is trying his best for her, she thinks it's just because he is kind. he did not yet notice Minami's heart to Akihisa and love him for ever.

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Himeji in Yandere Mode
MyorinAdded by Myorin

While neat and mature, Mizuki easily becomes jealous whenever other females (or Hideyoshi) are within close proximity of Akihisa, which reveals her hidden yandere personality. Influenced by Minami and Class F, her punishment level of Akihisa's flirtatious nature has grown recently. Her hobbies are sewing dolls and collecting photos of Akihisa in girls' outfits. She is very weak against alcohol, and easily gets drunk. Because of her insensibility, she does not know of her appeal or her past records; thus not very confident in herself.

In the anime, she, along with Minami, acts as if she is Akihisa's girlfriend and will punish him severely if she found out that Akihisa is "betraying" her. Strangely, she does not seem to mind Minami's advances.

Mizuki somewhat greatly resembles Akira Yoshii, as both are overly obsessive about Akihisa, both are extremely talented in academics, and both are utterly terrible at kitchenwork (though Akira's cooking has never "killed" anyone before).


Mizuki has long, flowing, light pink hair with a rabbit clip on the left side of her head (the clip was revealed to be a gift from Akihisa when they were in Elementary School). She has purple eyes and creamy complexion. She is also quite buxom, having very large breasts.


Mizuki is very smart and excels in school subjects. Her skill is ranked 2nd in all of Fumizuki. Her points are even higher than most Class A students.

While an overall expert in academics, Mizuki is utterly terrible at cooking. Her food, while looking extremely well-made and delicious, are very lethal to eat. Even Hideyoshi, known for his "Steel Stomach" was no match for a single bite of Mizuki's cooking. In the anime, her food excretes a dark, ominous oozing aura that sends terror into the hearts of their supposed eaters (i.e Akihisa) about their impending doom. Yuuji Sakamoto concluded that, as Mizuki does not taste her foo when she cooks, she always end up cramming as many "nutrition"as she can find into the food, unintentionally creating the horrendous taste and lethality which they were infamous for.

In the novel it was revealed that the result of her awful inability in cooking has the potency rivaling, if not surpassing, extremely powerful acids such as Aqua Regia and hydrochloric acid.


Her shoukanjuu's tools are western-styled armor and a large sword. Her bracelet's special ability is "Heat rays". The Occult version of her shoukanju is a Succubus, influenced from the feature "Boldness (in many meanings)" and "bust size". She says; "Sjue no besuto!" which is :SUMMON THE BEAST!

During the ESB field error, her Shoukanjuu changes its appearance drastically, growing into a more "mature" version of Himeji and sporting even larger breasts, much to her embarassment (and Akihisa and Kouta's delight). Its costume greatly resembles that of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.


Akihisa YoshiiEdit

Mizuki had a crush on Akihisa since they were in elementary school. After getting into Class F, she decided to persue Akihisa, but doesn't have the courage to confess and is disappointed in the fact that he hasn't realized her feelings, though he seems to share those feelings with her. Mizuki cooks meals for Akihisa, being unaware that her food is poisonous, and also enjoys Akihisa crossdressing. Mizuki sometimes fears that Akihisa may be a homosexual is willing to punish him if she believes he is getting to close to another female or male, but otherwise, gets along with him as one of his closest friends.

Minami ShimadaEdit

Minami is Mizuki's best friend and rival for Akihisa's attention. As the only two girls in Class F, they get along very well and confide in each other and work together to get Akihisa into womens' clothing.While they are rivals, they also do not wish to hurt each other and truly care for each other, though she is jealous of the fact that Minami is able to talk so casually to Akihisa.

Yuuji SakamotoEdit

Yuuji is a confident for Mizuki on her feelings for Akihisa, and while Yuuji tries to help her when he can, he is also willing to use her feelings for Akihisa to motivate her into doing her best at whatever they are doing. He also seems to care about her enough that he would eat her poisonous cooking rather than hurt her feelings and tell her that she's a horrible cook. At times, Mizuki does wonder if Yuuji and Akihisa are in a relationship and can view Yuuji as a threat.


Mizuki is a common victim of Muttsulini's perverted tendencies, though he does seem to care about her enough that he would rather eat her poisonous cooking that hurt her feelings and tell her that she's a horrible cook. Mizuki is also one of his customers and buys pictures of Akihisa crossdressing off of him.

Hideyoshi KinoshitaEdit

Mizuki treats Hideyoshi as a female at times, but their relationship as classmates seems fine for the most part, though she does get jealous of Hideyoshi for his looks and slim figure and how Akihisa seems attracted to him. Hideyoshi cares enough about her that he would rather eat her poisonous cooking that hurt her feelings and tell her that she's a horrible cook.

Hazuki ShimadaEdit

Mizuki is respected by Hazuki after she gave her a doll she wanted. Hazuki calls her  "Kanari no Onee-chan" (Ms. Pretty in the English dub of the anime).

Shouko KirishimaEdit

Mizuki looks up to Shouko and thinks of her as role model, wishing that she had a similar relationship with Akihisa that she has with Yuuji.

FFF InquisitionEdit

Mizuki is commonly wanted by Class F as one of its few females, and the FFF Inquisition will punish any male that gets too close to Mizuki.

Akira YoshiiEdit

Mizuki looks up to Akira and hopes to get her approval in dating Akihisa. It is because of Akihisa getting used to Akira's bad cooking that he was able to gain some resistance to Mizuki's horrible cooking.


  • Mizuki shares a similar trait with Yaya from BoBoiBoy: both are horrible at cooking, but while Himeji makes lots of food in a horrible way, Yaya makes only biscuits, but still with a horrible taste.


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