Episode 6
Me, Peeking and Guys' Friendship!


Air Date

August 12, 2011



Opening Song

Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!

Ending Song

Eureka Baby

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Me, Peeking and Training Camp!
Me, Peeking and Far Away Paradise!
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After failed with the first approaching, Yuuji decides to assemble the boy group for resuming infiltration.


After being captured and defeated by the teachers while trying to peak in on the girls bathing because Akihisa and Yuuji had both been blackmailed by someone good with photography and electronics; most likely better than Kouta. They know the culprit is a girl with a burn on her butt so they decided the only way to find her is to sneak into the girls bathing room while the girls are bathing.

After their first failed attempts, the boys go to the other classrooms, asking their boys to join them in getting into the girls bathing room, and eventually have all but Class 2-A joining in. They come up with elaborate plans to get into the girls bathing room, failing at every one. Eventually the boys of Class 2-A join in, led by Kubo and the tides turn.



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