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Episode 13
Idiots, Tests and Summoned Beings!



Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu!


Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings!

Air Date

October 1, 2011


2 -13 (FINAL)

Opening Song

Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!

Ending Song

Eureka Baby with bonus features

Episode Guide
Idiots, A Fool and Requiem!
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Idiots, Tests and Summoned Beings! is 13th and final episode in all and for the second season. It is 26th episode overall which first aired on October 1, 2011.

It is the final battle for the Test of Courage ! Will Akihisa Yoshii and Yuuji Sakamoto be able to defeat Yuusaku Tsunemura and Shunpei Natsukawa ?! What lies beneath the haunted house with Shouko Kirishima, Himeji Mizuki and Minami Shimada ?

Character in Order of AppearanceEdit


  • In the novel, only Akihisa is the one who fights against Tokonatsu duo by using the clone brace
  • The ending sequence is different among others.


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