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Hiromi Nakabayashi


Character Information
Name (Kanji) 中林 宏美
Name (Romaji) Nakabayashi Hiromi
Title Class 2-E Representative
Gender Female
Class Rank Class 2-E
Seiyū Yuuko Takayama
Voice Actor Anastasia Munoz
Anime Season 1 Episode 1

Hiromi Nakabayashi is a recurring character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. She is Class 2-E class representative in Fumizuki Academy.

She is an energetic, self-confident girl with a talent for organization and leadership, but she is also a little cocky and overconfident of victory, as shown when her class cornered Yuuji Sakamoto but subsequently fell to the unexpected appearance of Mizuki Himeji during their Summoner Test War against Class 2-F.[1]

She is revealed to have a crush on Toshimitsu Kubo when she tried to ask him out directly, but the school-wide testing of an experimental Shoukanjuu Summoning System feature had Kubo's Summoned Being reveal his secret crush on Akihisa Yoshii.[2]

Her Shoukanjuu wears the baseball equipment of a catcher (minus face-guard) and wields a baseball bat.


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