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FFF Inquisition


Character Information
Gender Males
Anime Episode 1-1

The FFF Inquisition [1] is a group in Class 2-F who punishes those with attention from girls due to the fact that they are all without this attention. It is thought that they find it immoral for others to have female attention [2] due to their own curse of having no one, and so therefore attempt to punish those who aren't cursed to 'make things fair'.

They all wear dark robes that cover the whole body, like that of the Ku Klux Klan, leaving only eye holes for them to see. The name is also probably related to this clan, being FFF while the Ku Klux Klan would abbreviate to KKK. However, unlike the Klan, they do not attack people for racial reasons, only against those who have girlfriends.

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They also have an extra punishment for those that are popular with girls yet "have relationship with boys" (Both Akihisa and Yuuji temporarily goes through this).

Akihisa's punishment for this include 'sentencing him to death' and even torture before this, such as in burning at the stake. Another example of their cause is when they learned of Class 2-B representative (Kyouji Nemoto) having a girlfriend, and turned into "Messengers of Genocide", using their Shoukanjuu as sacrifices, suicide-bombing their opponents, effectively killing them with one bombing of a shoukanjuu.

Some members of the FFF Inquisition are Ryou Sugawa (who also may possibly be their leader), Koji Yokomizo (横溝浩二) and Kohei Fukumura (福村幸平). Akihisa himself also join them as well.

They all seem to be fans of Hideyoshi Kinoshita as well, such as when it is suggested by Akihisa through nonsensical logic (troll logic) that confessing love to Hideyoshi would bring you good fortune. [3]



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