Baka to Test - Mizuki, Shimada & Kinoshita
Day 2: Idiots, Fireworks, and the Summoning Contest


Air Date

March 30, 2011


Matsuri OVA-2

Opening Song

Renai Koujou Committee

Ending Song

Getsuyou wa Kirai

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Me, Everyone and Swimming in the Ocean
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Idiots, Fireworks, and the Summoning Contest is the 2nd and the last episode of OVA.


Akihisa and Yuuji were working hard to win the Summoned Beast tournament in order to get the new equipment for their class.


It continues after the last ep, where Yoshii and Sakamoto goes to the Summoning Contest together with Minami and Mizuki. They used various means to win the battles and even faced each other at the semi-final. Eventually they won but the sempais were about to complain about them cheating in the contest. They managed to stop them in the end but brought more troubles. 


  • In light novel, the battle's turn isn't changed by Tokonatsu duo, but natural. Revealed to have 2 prototype bracelet and used by Akihisa and Yuuji as winning prize. Hazuki doesn't make Minami, Mizuki, other F-class to have will for killing Akihisa and the battle is the natural will instead.


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