Class 2-D
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Genji Hiraga

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Miharu Shimizu

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Class 2-D (also known as Class D) is the fourth-smartest second-year class in Fumizuki Academy.

Classroom AppearanceEdit

Their classroom is located besides and opposite the New School Building area of the 3rd floor. The wall that separates their room from Class 2-B's is destroyed by Yoshii Akihisa Summoned Being during Class 2-F's first Summoner Test War with Class 2-B. Also, during their Summoner Test War against Class 2-F, it is revealed that their weakest subject is Mathematics.

D Class

An overview of D Class(bottom right)

Students and Staff Edit

The total number of students in this class is unknown, but amongst them are at least two males and twenty-one females. Their classroom consists of typical Japanese classroom equipment, and they are also known as "the medium/average/normal class". Genji Hiraga is the class representative and Miharu Shimizu is the class ambassador. Their homeroom teacher is unknown.


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