Bracelets given to Yoshii, Yujii, and Hideyoshi

Different bracelets are given to students to use for summoning test wars. They are given to students for surpassing a certain grade or as a prize. Each one has a different ability.

Iron BraceletsEdit

These bracelets are given as a prize to those who won a tournament. They are defective and can only be used by idiots. Unlike other bracelets they are worn by the students, not the avatar. There are two known iron bracelets. One can create a summoning field without a teacher present and the other can split their avatar in half.

Know Users:

Section headingEdit

These bracelets are given to students for surpassing a certain grade and are worn by the avatar. They can only be used when fighting in the subject the student used to gain the bracelet.

Known Users:

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