Aoi Kogure
Anime | Shoukanjuu
Kogure Aoi
Kanji 小暮 葵
Romaji Kogure Aoi
Character Information
Class Rank Class 3-A
Light Novel Debut Volume 6
Anime Debut Episode 2-12
Seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi
Voice Actor Martha Harms
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Aoi Kogure (小暮 葵 Kogure Aoi) is a female student of Class 3-A at Fumizuki Academy. She speaks in a polite manner and uses "watakushi" (わたくし) to refer to herself. She's also a member of the Tea Ceremony Club and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.[1]


According to Akihisa Yoshii, she's a Japanese-beauty type who looks good in kimono; close to Shouko's type.[2] She has bewitching atmosphere and big breasts with her every gesture being sensual. Kouta Tsuchiya is very weak to Aoi's appearance which often makes Aiko Kudou jealous.[3]


She appeared for the first time in the test of courage tournament wearing a gymnastics leotard to flaunt her good figure, dropping almost every male 2nd year students off due to their nosebleed, including Kouta.[4]

In the war of Class 2-F against Class 2-C, she helped class 2-C's class representative, Yuuka Koyama, with her strategies as Yuuka is her junior in the Tea Ceremony Club.[5]

Later, in the final war of 2nd year students vs 3rd year students, she used her erotic appearance to weaken Kouta and drove him to the verge of death.[6]

During the rematch, Kouta managed to defeat her.[7]


Summoned BeingEdit

Her summoned being is unseen, as she told Kouta and Aiko that violence isn't her thing.




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